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If you're wondering what empathy is all about, or seeking answers on how to navigate a gift that many, perhaps even you, consider a curse, you've come to the right place.  Steve Wilson and Bety Comerford, shamanic healers, mediums and psychics, with over forty years experience, have written a series of books dedicated to helping you gain an understanding of your gift, no matter your level of experience. If you're starting out, or are still trying to get a handle on your empathic abilities, we invite you to check out our website and our books.  You can also email us on our contact page if you have any particular questions.  We wrote these books for you in order to give you the tools to navigate this truly wondrous gift called empathy.   

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Our fourth book in the Empathy Series:
The Empath and the Dark Road, Struggles that Teach the Gift, is now available on Amazon.  Click here to purchase.
Do you feel a victim of your emotions? Of others' emotions? Does life constantly throw you a curve ball no matter what you do? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve as a loving, caring person, yet the darker aspects of life make you feel as though you've been cursed? If so, then this book is for you. Embark upon an empathic journey that teaches you that darkness is but an absence of light. Who's light? Your light. Learn that you are in control of your emotional experiences. Begin to understand what it means to be an empath who chooses to live a life devoid of drama and free from the projected emotional pain from others. Discover methods to help you rise above the darkness that surrounds you―not only the darkness given to you by others, but from that which lies within you. This is the authors' fourth book on the empathic experience.