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You're probably wondering why we have a Ghosts page on our Empathy website.  Well, the truth is many empaths have had experiences with spirits from the other side.   You see, everything is made up of energy.  Including ghosts.

As an empath, you are already sensitive to the energies around you.  Think about those moments when you were sitting on your couch, minding your own business, when suddenly you felt angry, or sad, or depressed and you had no idea why you were feeling that way.  Now, you could be feeling the energy of a living person.  However, there's also the possibility that a ghost has just entered your energy field and you're now feeling the emotions they never let go of in life and are still holding onto in death.

We've come to believe that, just as energy has different vibrations for the living, the vibrations don't change when you die.  For example, how does the energy of anger, depression, sadness or guilt feel?  It feels heavy, doesn't it?  It feels as though you're trudging through sludge just to get through the day.  Now, how does the energy feel when you're in love, or you're happy?  It feels light and carefree.  It's almost as though you could walk on air.  

Think about those people who die in a state of anger, depression, guilt, etc.  The vibration of the energy is heavy enough to keep them in what we call the in-between place - the dimension between this world and the next.  These are the spirits that haunt.  By not ridding themselves of the heavy human emotions, they're not able to move on.  Because empaths are so attuned to energy, many of them have interactions with these spirits.  Why?  Because as an empath, your vibration is already a bit higher than the average person.  You are a light-bulb to a wandering spirit.  Just as you are able to ground out the energy of the living, you are also able to ground out the energy of the dead.  

As with the living, you don't 'own' the energy.  You simply ground it out move it through you into the little red ball beneath your feet (to learn how to ground, see our Q&A page).  

It's also wise not to engage a spirit.  Everyone, whether living or dead, has a story.  You could spend a lifetime listening to these spirits if you are able to hear the voices of the dead.  (This is called being clairaudient).  Nor do you want to get into a me vs. a spirit tug of war.  That will only drain your own energy.  It is easier simply to move the energy, because as you know, being empathic means you feel everything, regardless of whether it's your own energy or someone else's.  You have to deal with it.  The best way to deal with it is to not engage and just move it along.  

If you have any questions about dealing with ghosts, by all means, contact us.  Both Bety and Steve have experienced spirits since they were children and continue to help to release ghosts through their group, The Spirit Light Network.  They created this group (and its satellite groups) to help people who may be experiencing hauntings and need help.

You'd be surprised how many of these 'haunted' people are actually empaths who don't know they are empathic.  Some of Steve and Bety and their group's investigations are recounted in Bety's book, "Ghost and Shamanic Tales of True Hauntings".  It not only talks about what they discovered, but each chapter provides an energy how-to to help an empath through their daily life.  They are also hoping to write an empath's guide to ghosts in the near future.

Below are a few pics from their ghost adventures.

An orb with a face
A tube of energy in an upstairs hallway.