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The Grand Canyon
We have been consistently drawn, through our empathy, to different places around the world where energy is held and experienced.  Below are just some of the places we have visited.
America's majestic Grand Canyon is filled with sites sacred to the Native Americans and to those who share their respect and love of the natural beauties of nature.  Steve visited here, allowing the energy to lead him to walk in the footsteps of the Anasazi, to hear and feel the messages of the Ancestors and to empathically receive the gifts of insight and sacred knowledge.
Serpent Mound, Ohio
Steve and Bety were part of a group that visited Serpent Mound in Ohio.  It is a prehistoric site dating to at least 321 BCE.  Who built it?  No one quite knows.  But the energy they experienced spoke to them of long ago shamans who performed rituals at this very sacred site.
Machu Picchu, Peru
Steve, Bety and a group of 6 other empathic travelers journeyed to Peru to work with the indigenous shamans and to experience the energies and vibrations of their sacred sites and rituals.  The group visited many mountains and felt the energies of the 'apus', the spirits who inhabit the mountains and caves.
Mount Wachusett, Massachusetts 
Mount Wachusett is one of three mountains, which include Mount Watatic and Mount Monadnock, that were very sacred to the Native Americas who once walked its paths.  Steve and Bety and some of their friends have climbed these mountains, sometimes at night, to feel the energies that still linger of the love and respect the Natives held for these areas.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
The Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, where 50,000 men were lost, died or injured during a 3 day battle in 1863 is considered the most haunted piece of land in America.  It is an excellent place to experience and feel the different types of energy this area holds, especially at night.  Steve and Bety have visited twice and are eager to return again.