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What exactly is an empath? 

Empath is the name given to an individual who is basically a human sponge, feeling everyone’s emotions, whether it is through personal interactions or on a global scale. Many people consider this a curse, but it doesn't need to be if you realize that as an empath, you can change the vibration of the energy.  Energy can't be destroyed, but its vibration can be changed.  It doesn't matter if what you're feeling is your own emotions or someone else's because no matter whose it is, you're feeling it.  

What do I do with all this energy I'm feeling?

There are several things you can do.  The first is not to fight it.  If you get into a 'me vs. the energy', it only drains your own energy.  There is a technique called grounding that helps.  Close your eyes and imagine a red ball beneath the soles of your feet.  Once you see the ball, slowly bring it up through your feet, up your legs and have it settle into your belly.  Now imagine that ball slowly spinning, gathering all the negativity and heavy energies you're feeling.  Once you feel the red ball has captured all that energy, slowly see it drifting back down your legs, through your feet, into the earth.  Your feet may tingle while this happens. After you do this, you should start to feel lighter.  Remember - everything is energy, including what you're feeling.  Grounding takes that energy and moves it out of you.

What do you mean by 'vibration'?

Energy is made up of levels of vibration.  The best way to explain it is to remember those times when you felt depressed or sad or angry.  How did you feel?  Did you feel heavy?  The vibration at that moment was low.  It felt heavy, as if you were dragging yourself through sludge.  Now think of those times when you felt happy or in love.  You thought you could walk on air!  The vibration at that moment was high.  You felt physically and mentally good.  As an empath, you can change the vibration of any energy you feel by raising your own vibration.  Grounding helps, remembering a happy moment in your life.  There's also something called mastery of energy.

What do you mean by mastery of energy?

Simply put, whatever energy we react to has a tendency to stick to us.  When you react to energy, you're basically giving it a job to do.  Mastery of energy is a technique where you feel the energy, but you don't give it a story.  For example, if your friend said something that made you angry, you immediately think so-and-so made me angry.  By giving that anger a story - that so and so made me angry - it has now clung to you.  But what would happen if you were not to give that anger a story?  What if you simply felt the emotion without attaching a story to it?  Without that story, the energy  has nowhere to go but through you.  If you think of a story as a coat hangar, once you remove the coat hangar, the coat falls down.  The same thing happens with energy.  It will move through you so quickly, you'll find yourself wondering why you got so angry in the first place.

Are the stories in your books true?

Definitely.  Every word written is an experience Steve and/or Bety had.  They know firsthand what it was like to grow up sensing and feeling energy and not understanding why they felt what they did.  They knew the feeling of being 'outsiders' from their peers who weren't feeling as deeply as they did.  This was the reason they began writing their empathy books; to give those people who don't understand their gifts a foundation of learning who they are and why they feel what they feel.  They no longer need to feel 'weird' or 'crazy' or out of step with others.

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